Perfect Posture Programs


  • back pain

  • hip pain

  • pain from extended periods of sitting, standing or doing repetitve movements

  • general lathargy

  • rounded or bad posture

  • headaches and neck discomfort

  • intestinal and pelvic discomfort

  • tingling down your legs? hands?

  • foot or ankle pain

If you are experiencing any of the above symptoms; you could benefit from a Perfect Posture Program. The program is design to correct the postural dysfunctions indentified in the assessment . The program can address "Tech Neck", Thoracic outlet syndrome, carpel tunnel syndrome, impingement, kyphosis, lower cross syndrome, upper crossed syndrome - the not limited too. The program uses a combination of massage therapy, stretching and strengthening of the affected muscles to address the specific dysfunctions.

A Postural assessment is required. This entails observation of static posture for alignment and visual and palpable assessment of paired anatomic landmarks for symmetry plus use of range of motion.